Tree & Shrub Planting


We make tree and shrub planting easy. Simply schedule an installation date, mark your desired location with our provided plant flags, and be sure the name of the plant is on each flag.

Planting Checklist

To ensure the success of your new trees and shrubs, we ask that you review this pre-installation checklist:

  • Are drainage, climate, and exposure (sun, shade & wind) conditions appropriate for the plants being installed? If you’re unsure, please ask us for advice.
  • Is the area clear of all stumps, ground cover, and debris?
  • Clearly mark all lines if they’re in the planting area. Are there gas, power, cable, drain, water, sprinkler or invisible fence lines in the area?
  • Is the planting area easy to find? Are all gates unlocked? Can the area be reached with a wheelbarrow?
  • Do you have a dog? Make sure to notify us, if so.


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